Beating Burn-Out by Renewing my mind

More scientists and spiritual leaders alike are agreeing that the vast majority of our ailments are inflicted by ourselves through our thought life. We are not deliberately guiding our thoughts away from fear towards love, forgiveness and therefore health. This is a daily requirement, as we need to renew our thinking every day. We cannot rely on yesterday’s successes, today is a new day and requires purposeful new thinking. Refer to Etienne van der Walt, Michelle Strydom, Caroline Leaf.

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The “Good” Leader

Good people make good leaders and corrupt people make bad leaders. Anybody can be a leader because people need to follow someone and will inevitably find what they are looking for, and another leader is born. What is a good leader then? Good people have the long-term sustainability of healthy social and economic systems at […]

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Fractal Value to create a healthy Human Ecology: Love = Justice

In the previous Dragonflies and other Leadership stories the concept of the fractal was explained as the building blocks of a system. The main purpose of the Dragonflies and Leadership stories conversation is to consider what it takes to create healthy Human Ecologies.  Human Ecologies are therefore the systems under the spotlight. The first fractal […]

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