Beating Burn-Out by Renewing my mind

In 2008 I was diagnosed with burn-out. The medical reason was a virus, but the spiritual reason was that for too long I stayed in relationships, in which I assumed, had the same intent of love and devotion that I had. I experienced deceit and rejection from the people I was devoted to.

The process of recovering was long and slow. I was aware of that if I wanted my body to heal, I have to heal first. I intuitively knew that my body would follow my spirit and my soul.

It did. I was tested with no trace of glandular fever about 2 years ago.

My medical doctor suggested that I take up Pilates, as I was unable to continue with my previous fitness program. Due to the nature of the fatigue I was experiencing I was unable to do cardio vascular training. The Pilates regime assisted me to connect my mind to my muscles. This assists to make exercise a “mindful” as well as a physical fitness activity.

During the period after the diagnosis I experienced traumatic change. When I was asked how I managed to complete my studies during this period, I realised that learning actually saved my life.

Learning is a beacon of hope. I used my studies as an opportunity to connect spiritual and quantum conscepts to leadership. I found so much evidence of God’s design in evertyhing that we do.

Contemporary thinking in Neuro-science is making  breakthroughs to connect the understanding of spirit, soul and body. Our body is a brain and brain cells are not just contained between our ears. Our heart for example consists of neurological cells as well. We even have a saying that “I am thinking with my heart”. 

More scientists and spiritual leaders alike are agreeing that the vast majority of our ailments are inflicted by ourselves through our thought life. We are not deliberately guiding our thoughts away from fear towards love, forgiveness and therefore health. This is a daily requirement, as we need to renew our thinking every day.

We cannot rely on yesterday’s successes, today is a new day and requires purposeful new thinking.

(Refer to Etienne van der Walt, Michelle Strydom, Caroline Leaf.)

Our spirit consists of our intuition and our conscience; soul contains our thought life and emotions, the spirit and soul guide and inform our bodies. If we follow healthy routines we will be well and prosperous.

There is another dimension though that made the ultimate difference in my healing and well-being and that is the dimension of submitting my spirit to the Holy Spirit, that which consists of the Highest Wisdom that I will never be able to access based on my own ability.

I subsequently to my healing process, left formal employment and started 3 small businesses, with some success and failure. I got married to the perfect man for me. I live in a place that many people dream of living in.

I am able to walk or run 5 km since my recovery. I follow regular Pilates routines to strengthen my body and mind.

I do not want to depend on the world around me to be at peace, I want to experience an increase in the peace that exceeds all understanding. (The Bible) I want to be the change that we want to see in the world. (Ghandi) I therefore wish to judge less, love more, be kinder and more patient. (The Bible on Love)

I am more actively searching for deeper wisdom, to move deeper into a relationship with the Creator,  everything I have comes from Him.

I want to  connect themes of love to a physical fitness routine.

Renewing my mind in 2019 has therefore become a process of calibrating my spirit increasingly with the spirit of Big Love, that which we were Created for.

I want to increase restraint by connecting deeper with, that I am part of a big story and that my time on earth is a fleeting moment.

No Fear.

I am eternally grateful loving God for all that you have done for me!

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