Summary : 8 Steps to build a Healthy Human Ecology

In the previous conversations about how to create Healthy Human Ecologies, I elaborated on various capabilities and attitudes that are vital for the creation of Healthy Human Ecologies. The following are practical steps towards creating a Healthy Human Project Team (Ecology).

  1. Start by getting a group of people together around a shared objective and interest.

  2. Be aware of what the prevailing views are of the individuals in the group regarding the issue at hand.  Do not assume that people share the same views. Listen to each others views without fear or judgement.

  3. Agree on a shared objective/s.

  4. Take Action/ Just Do It.

  5. Have regular learning sessions for people to share what they have experienced.

  6. Do a diagnostic of why certain actions do not succeed.  It maybe that someone does not have the abilityor the resources to do something successfully. Once ability and resources are ticked off, hold individuals accountable for what they are responsible for.

  7. Be system thinkers by considering  the connections between everything. By doing this it is possible to focus on 2 or 3 root causes that will enable the healing of the whole system/ ecology. For example PH balance is critical for a healthy river ecology.

  8. Appreciate what worked well at regular intervals, be creative!

People do well in relationships where the feel appreciated.

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