Narcissistic Leaders create toxic Human Ecologies

In the previous Dragonflies and other Leadership stories I shared my thoughts, inspired by many teachers and experiences on how to create Healthy Human Ecologies. It maybe helpful to consider unhealthy leadership behaviour to highlight this concept further.

Emotional Intelligent people, we are taught, have the ability to postpone what they want. In some cases maturity means subjecting this to what will be good for others all together.

Narcissist’s concern is with making other people the means to whatever it is that they want. This means that there is no price too high for what they want, as long as they do not have to pay it.

Narcissistic leaders create toxic human ecologies because their interest is not in the long-term sustainable creation of wealth and health of the people who they lead but in personal gain.

Mature leaders are more concerned about the people who they lead than themselves. They tend to encourage other people to do the same. By doing this the organisation and its people benefit because their decisions and behaviour are driven by long-term sustainability and accountable community members.

The opposite of this is a leader who openly instructs team members that they are there to make her look good.  The consequence of not making her look good is dire for the individual who dares to do so.

Narcissistic leadership behaviour leads to fear and tend to encourage unhealthy competitiveness as people are more concerned about doing as little as possible to not get into trouble. They will not criticize that which is wrong which means the organisation does not stand to be corrected. Fear also inhibits creativity and therefore growth.

Blog Challenge:

What is the definition of narcissism?

Where do you lie in terms of the narcissistic continuum?

Do you focus on long-term sustainability in your organisation or your personal relationships, or are you more concerned about what you want now?

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