Trust is the Oxygen of a Healthy Human Ecology

In the previous edition of Dragonflies and other Leadership Stories, the concept of Justice was discussed as a prerequisite for trust among people. The destructive nature of the absence of trust was highlighted by ancient wisdom, who pointed out that in extreme circumstances entire societies face genocide.

Without trust it is impossible for people to be creative. Energy is spent on self-protection, instead of striving towards personal excellence, people strive to compete by making another person look inferior.

To enable people to sustainably contribute to create solutions and surplus wealth they have to trust each other.

Qualities of people who trust each other:

  • Willing to share knowledge.
  • Willing to give credit where credit is due.
  • Willing to be accountable when faced with failure.
  • Able to live by their own conviction and not just driven by a forced consensus.
  • This in turn improves the quality of thinking and conversations towards problem solving as it encourages diverse contributions. The more diverse the contributions the more information is introduced towards creative thinking and the better the quality of the outcome.

I will give attention to how Learning Ecologies take shape, but the common thread in people moving from a state of basic politeness to robust co-creativeness is the cultivation of trust.

Blog Challenge

  1. What is required from leaders to enable a human ecology in which people trust each other?
  2. What are the characteristics of leaders who instill and enable trust in others?
  3. How do leaders who create trustworthy environment behave?

2 thoughts on “Trust is the Oxygen of a Healthy Human Ecology

  1. Unfortunately the people who are not very capabel in their work are drawn to become manager. Thus, they often feel very insecure whilst they have to be in control, wich they only can achieve by mistrust.
    And even though there are many books written full of tools for good management, its pearls before the swines.


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