Fractal Value to create a healthy Human Ecology: Love = Justice

In the previous Dragonflies and other Leadership stories the concept of the fractal was explained as the building blocks of a system. The main purpose of the Dragonflies and Leadership stories conversation is to consider what it takes to create healthy Human Ecologies.  Human Ecologies are therefore the systems under the spotlight.

The first fractal value for considering in creating a healthy human ecology is JUSTICE. In a country where injustice has become the norm we should all sit up and consider what the consequences are.

In Ethics of the Sages (10 000 year old scriptures collated by Pirke Avot) we receive the following insight:

Where there is Injustice there is Fear

Where there is Fear there is Hoarding

Where there is Hoarding there is Genocide

 Injustice happens in layers, the first layer is the injustice of the perpetrator towards the victim, the second and often more damaging layer is the injustice of those who witnessed the injustice and did nothing to restore justice.

For example when someone is raped the first layer of  injustice lies with the rapist, if there were people who witnessed it without intervening, the second layer of injustice is those who did not intervene, if the rape victim reports the injustice and justice is not enforced, the third layer of injustice is the law enforcement officers etc. Each layer of injustice cuts deeper into the victim. The lack of accountability that is bred increases the number of perpetrators.

It is not possible for anyone of us to escape the consequence of injustice, for example, even if I was not the one who was raped the wound of the rape victim is  my wound, as well as yours.

The example of rape is an extreme example, but there are thousands of injustices daily in families, workplaces, at schools etc. Injustice at every level of our human ecologies carry equal weight and require equal restoration.

Love = Justice:

There is no love where justice does not prevail. The consequence of injustice is distrust between people. At a minimum it is impossible for people to create a healthy human ecology when they do not trust each other. This means that the ecology becomes more toxic to its inhabitants, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The truth is though that in the absence of trust people destroy each other in many ways.

The destructive consequence of injustice continues for generations until a generation chooses to restore justice and ensure that it is maintained without fear or favour.

Restorative justice is not the kind that seeks a winner takes all justice, but seeks the Wisdom of King Solomon.


Blog Challenge:

What is your role in creating justice in your human ecology?

Will we be the generation to restore justice with wisdom?

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