The “Fractal” building blocks of a Human Ecology

This edition of Dragonflies and other Leadership Stories is dedicated to the concept Fractal. It is vital to grasp this idea if we want to understand the shape of our lives, communities and societies.

I am not going to attempt to provide a class in understanding fractals, when you enter this word on your preferred search engine, there is a  universe of beautiful and poetic examples of this. (Picture above was a picking from a fractal website)

Simply put a fractal is a form that is repeated over and over again that gives shape to the whole.

What does this mean at an ecological level, individual and community :-

We all have a base value that drives our behaviour, our behavior drives our culture and our culture shapes our communities and societies.

If our base value is Love we will behave in a loving manner and our ecology will bear the fruit of Love.

If our base value is resentful competition this too will drive our behaviour and our children will pick the fruit of our resent.


Blog Challenge:

  • What does your community/ your human ecology,  look like?
    1. Your inner world
    2. Family
    3. Work
    4. Neighbourhood
    5. Town
    6. Country
  • What is your base value?
  • What are you repeating over and over again?
  • What is the fruit of this repetition?




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