What is Human Ecological Thinking?

We live in an age where there is tension between so-called green thinking and those who will do anything to profit regardless of the environment. Green thinking is also ecological thinking. This simply means that everything is connected.

As was described in the previous blog edition of Dragonflies and other Leadership stories on Human Ecology, we cannot pollute the deep-ocean without experiencing the consequence on land.

Nature’s ecology is teaching us that if we do not manage our carbon emissions on earth, our planet will warm up to such a degree that it will change our weather patterns. While some  areas, where we used to grow food will become desserts, others will have such an increase of  water that people will be forced to move, or drown.

Remember that what drives ecological sensitive thinking, or not,  are Humans. If we do not pay equal attention to humanities spiritual and emotional development, we cannot expect from them to be sensitive to environmental ecology.

In short I believe that the heart of taking care of our human ecology is Love, more than this whether we act in a loving way.

Love is not just a feeling, it has gravity and soil under the finger nails. It often requires black bags of refuse removal and shovels to plant new trees. Love is also a soft touch, a few candles, a  gift and tender words. It involves setting the record straight and pursuing justice. It means hanging in there when times are tough and persisting in what you believe in, in the absence of evidence that you are achieving anything.

I heard about a man who planted a forest on his land when he was already in his eighties, knowing that he may never see the fruit of his labour. This is behaving in a loving and hopeful manner.

We have to all return to a state of true love for everyone regardless of whether we like them or not, or agree with them or not, to enable our Human Ecology to thrive. Humans will take care Nature’s Ecology in turn. This is the only formula for sustainable development of our social, political and economic growth.



Blog Challenge:

What does True Love mean to you?

What action will you take to behave in a manner in line with True Love?


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