What does it take to build a Healthy Human Ecology?

In the previous editions to Dragonflies and other Leadership stories I considered some of the personal skills that were helpful to me to work through traumatic changes in my life, as well as in my managerial practices. These abilities all share the ability to learn from various experiences, as well as an understanding of different aspects of growth such as emotional and spiritual. These are all building blocks at an individual level that contribute as building blocks for a healthyfamily, organisation or community and finally society. These systems all have an ecological quality.

Consider that we all live in a system and that everything is connected. If the sea is polluted with plastic, the plastic is ingested in microscopic proportions by sea creatures, and in turn by us when we make a meal of the catch of the day.

Chris Jordan captured photos of dead Laysan albatrosses on Midway Island that were killed by discarded plastic by consumers 2000 miles away. This because the adult birds feed the plastic waste to their young as they are not able to distinguish between plastic and food.

We often refer to the sins of the fathers. This is not necessarily a curse in a mystical sense, but rather the generational consequences of the mistakes that are made through emotional, physical and economical abuse. Governments take policy decisions that often take decades before the consequence of these decisions are manifested. Sometimes a century before the pain of abuse of power is quelled.

The power of our collective thoughts is also a system. We create or destroy and it all starts with the thoughts of individuals that spread to community and society. What we think today is what will happen tomorrow.

Blog Challenge:

Consider what it takes to create a Healthy Human Ecology that will prevent one generation to make mistakes that future generations have to pay for?

What are the thoughts shared in your ecology?

What do these thoughts predict about the future of your ecology.

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