Learning Scaffolds the Task, Emotional Intelligence & Spiritual Intelligence

This addition to Dragonflies and Leadership stories will highlight a few more building blocks to our learning scaffolds; spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence and the mastering of tasks.

Development through our tasks are linked to not only learning to do something new, but also to amongst other areas our emotional development. This happens when we find our unique offering when we discover things we do wellin relation to other people.  People respond by providing positive feedback on what we do. This in turn fires reasons to believe in ourselves, it enables us to interact increasingly more appropriately to people. The more appropriate we react to people, the more we are rewarded with positive feedback and the easier it becomes to aspire to mastering more complex tasks.

Developing our emotional intelligence deliberately is an important key to happiness and success. It is our ability to take a step back from what we feel. Followed by trying to understand what we feel by describing it,  only then do we decide how to behave. The more we practice this ability the easier it is. When we take a step back and we are still unable to label what we feel, talk to a friend, a coach a therapist.

Developing Spiritual Intelligence is our sense of connectedness to a Higher Power and things much greater than ourselves. It may also be our essence, that which is not physical, but the creative energy that makes anything possible. Maybe it is our ability to see the wonder of everything and our most powerful gift. Mastering our ability in this space is almost a sure antidote to loneliness and negative thoughts.

Scaffold Challenge:

  • Become aware of the different building blocks of your scaffold  and write down 3 practical ways on how you want to develop it.
  • Start your personal change management project.
  • Have reflective conversations with like minded & not like minded people.
  • Get feedback.
  • Re-write your objectives.

Just some additional notes :

I am not suggesting any of these abilities in a simple a then b then c format. It is simply an attempt to add these as themes leading up to Ecological or Systems thinking.

 Zohar and Marshall wrote about Spiritual Intelligence and describes it as the highest form of intelligence.

Gladwell in Outliers considered IQ  as one of the building blocks of why humans succeed.

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