What is Human Ecological Thinking?

We live in an age where there is tension between so-called green thinking and those who will do anything to profit regardless of the environment. Green thinking is also ecological thinking. This simply means that everything is connected. As was described in the previous blog edition of Dragonflies and other Leadership stories on Human Ecology, […]

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Building Learning Scaffolds by Managing our Thoughts

In this edition of Dragonflies and Leadership Stories I wish to highlight how, when we think something,  the content thereof projects onto our futures.  A friend has a saying "fake it, until you make it". In other words even if you do not feel happy, try to act in a manner that at a minimum  seems like happiness.

The photo of the "Koru" that I photographed in New Zealand,  is one of the many metaphors that I used in my learning scaffold. I referred to the Dragonfly and Spiderweb in a previous edition as healing metaphors. It represents New Beginnings, Growth & Harmony. This is a important foundation to managing my thoughts.

Building my learning scaffold practice, is no easy task. I tend to be over sensitive to everything that I see, hear and experience. This means that managing my thoughts is a little like herding cats into one room. The fact is,  a different world is only a thought away.  

I am equally deliberate about removing items in my scaffold, when I am strong enough as I do not want to rely on these metaphors like "lucky charms" to get me by. The objective is to make something different possible by directing my thinking.  This is not intended to be an alternative religion. I have the power to give meaning to something, it does not have power over me.

Writing poems is another means of developing my learning scaffolds. They represent a composition of my thoughts, like a fountain flowing from my subconscious. This too is a reflective practice as mentioned in the previous blog on learning scaffolds. When I read the poems later, I realize that they were often prophetic and did not represent what I felt at the time. I wrote the following poem in 2010, when I was like a pendulum, vacillating between looking forward to an alternative life to the one that I was leaving behind, followed by a sense of deep isolation and extreme sadness.

My Aspiration

I immigrated to another universe, or am I seeing everything in its

original fullness.

Taking every step in silence.

Reading the moment and acting based on what is kind.

The meaning of healing is not about reconnecting to restore what was,

reconnecting is the homecoming only to gradually transport away from and to everything.

Transient is my existence and I am leaving behind love.

No guilt, no resentment.

Painful events from an existence worth living only transport me to

walk among the stars.

They are no longer reasons to mourn.

I want to inhale all this splendour.

Never before did I want to live this life as much as this moment.

Many lives away from previous sorrow I stretch towards Grace.

March 2010

Scaffold Challenge:

  • Start building your learning scaffolds with deliberate thoughts. What you think today will take place in time to come. 
  • A cautionary note though, that  the intent of what you harbour is either your own poison or healing potion. 
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The “Good” Leader

Good people make good leaders and corrupt people make bad leaders. Anybody can be a leader because people need to follow someone and will inevitably find what they are looking for, and another leader is born. What is a good leader then? Good people have the long-term sustainability of healthy social and economic systems at […]

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Fractal Value to create a healthy Human Ecology: Love = Justice

In the previous Dragonflies and other Leadership stories the concept of the fractal was explained as the building blocks of a system. The main purpose of the Dragonflies and Leadership stories conversation is to consider what it takes to create healthy Human Ecologies.  Human Ecologies are therefore the systems under the spotlight. The first fractal […]

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